Migratory interdisciplinary grid
international art exhibition on the topic of migrations

October 27th - November 19th , 2017 galerija S

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Opening: October 27th, 2017 | 7 p.m.

Live performances at the exhibition opening: Marko Brecelj (SI) | "Wailing with a grill in a press conference"
Oleg Kulik (RU) | "Fountain"

Curators: Peter Tomaž Dobrila, Nina Jeza, Sanja Kojić Mladenov

Curators: AES+F (RU), antiAtlas of Borders (FR), Žarko Bašeski (MK), Mirsad Begić (SI), Marko Brecelj (SI), Bureau d’Etudes (FR), Julijana Božič (SI), Matej Čepin (SI), Ksenija Čerče (SI), Tina Dobrajc (SI), Jusuf Hadžifejzović (BA), Marko Jakše (SI), Jovan Joca Jovanović/Stanoje Ćebić (RS), Adela Jušić, Andreja Dugandžić (BA), Stojan Kerbler (SI), Aleksij Kobal (SI), Herlinde Koelbl (DE), Oleg Kulik (RU), Zbigniew Libera (PL), Vessna Perunovich (RS/CA), Ale de la Puente (MX), RIGUSRS (SI), Jože Slaček (SI), Zora Stančič (SI), Mladen Stilinović (HR), Dragoljub Raša Todosijević (RS), Dragan Vojvodić (RS), Tanja Vujinović (RS/SI), Uroš Weinberger (SI), Brigitta Zics (HU/UK), Srdjan Živulović (SI)

MIG 21, an international art exhibition on the topic of migrations, proposes an entirely humanist response to a clearly political question, thus connecting more than 30 exhibiting artists from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, France, Germany, Russia, Poland, Hungary, UK, Mexico, etc.

In the abundance of various -isms, we have totally disregarded the only one that truly pushes us forward as a civilization. Humanism as a political program, a surrogate and substitution to capitalism, never really got its chance in history. Indeed, we have successfully cellophaned the humanist note into various, including modern, forms of art, where we are, indeed, still holding on to it firmly for the time being, under the guise of preserving the idea of humaneness. Yet the consideration triggered by MIG 21 is interesting precisely because it interconnects artistic visions and humanist values with various visual, sonic, and interdisciplinary media. The exhibition will showcase works from the fields of painting, sculpting, photography, video, intermedia installations and science & art research works. The artworks represent a selection of paradigms that have marked the realm of contemporary art for the last 30 years, with a special emphasis on thematic and interdisciplinary connections between the visual and the contemplative-technological-innovative.

Excerpts from the curatorial essays:

„To show migrations through artistic means, to disclose a diversity of approaches, to confront numerous statements, those that are implied and those that are straightforward, to focus on personal stories, to imply hyperboles and understand metaphors, to upgrade our documentation of the world, to delve inside virtual reflections and capture realistic meanings through reminiscences of the past, receptions of the present, and predictions of the future – is to understand movement, motion, change. To place quantities, which are physically simply definable, on another level, and connect them, through the poetics of individual artworks in different audio and visual media, into a consistent dramaturgy – is to question the meaning of movement, an inherent quality of all things natural, which have appeared through the course of history as dramatic, and often painful and tragic. In spite of the fact that everything that surrounds us, everything that resides in us, and that makes us alive, is constantly moving, we are being warned all the time that borders do exist. But the only constant in life is change.“ (Peter Tomaž Dobrila)

„The migratory interdisciplinary grid MIG 21 is thematically linked to migrations, and the processes related to migrations. Migration as a movement inside space and time is vital to the existence of both humans and art. Transdisciplinarity of artistic approaches as the central concept of MIG 21 connects all media, forms, and contents of artistic expression and reflects the current condition of society, which is marked at the same time by the visionary work of participating artists. The works, ranging temporally from the nineteen-seventies to present day, are thematic, conceptual, and emotional responses of art to the current world events.“ (Nina Jeza)

‘’In the nineties the region of the former Yugoslavia used to be the source of migration and transition processes in Europe which have led to gradual immigration of a substantial part of the cultural elite into the countries of Western Europe, North America, Australia, etc. as the countries of their desired residence. Many artists moved to these countries because of the level of development of their educational systems, cultural and economic standards or in order to broaden their own spiritual aspects, many of them used to stay, return to their homeland or move further looking for new experiences. ‘’ (Sanja Kojić Mladenov)

Exhibition is realized within the scope of the project RISK CHANGE supported by the European Union "Creative Europe" programme, in the collaboration with KID KIBLA, Maribor.



Adela Jusic i Andreja Dugandzic, Illegal, 2015.jpg
AES+F, Inverso Mundus, 2015 2.jpg
Dragan Vojvodic, Bez zvuka, 2015.jpg
Mladen Stilinovic, Primer 1,2,3, 1971-2006.jpg
Rasa Todosijevic, Thank You, 2016.jpg
Vessna Perunovich, War is Over, War is Never Over,.jpeg








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